Letters to Places: Dear Thailand…

Letters to Places is a video-series of love letters to the countries I have visited. Here is the ode to Thailand!

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Stories from Bangkok: The City Without Seatbelts

March 20th – Day 12

My first day in Bangkok was also the first day of the South East Asian portion of my trip. I woke up in a blissfully air-conditioned dorm room at NapPark Hostel (A+ hostel), just off of Khao San Road. When I stepped out of my room, I was immediately hit by a wall of thick, dense, humidity. Canadian summers can get very humid – even rarely into the 40s, but it’s nothing like Thailand humidity. Here, it’s like walking through warm bath water.

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Stories from Seoul: To Quote Radiohead, “I’m A Weirdo”

Day 8 – March 15th

I left Tokyo on a social high. When I got to Seoul, I was excited to check into my new hostel, to see new faces, and to make new friends. However, while the hostel I stayed in was really great and had some of the friendliest owners I’ve met, I seemed to have checked in during down time because the only other people staying at the hostel had come as a large group from China and were checking out the morning after I got there. I didn’t mind too much though; I enjoy exploring on my own.

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Letters to Places: Dear Japan…

The first in a series of letters (in the form of video… is that an oxymoron?) to the countries I visit on my first backpacking adventure around Asia.

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Stories from Tokyo: The Golden Gai and the Mystery of the Bed-Worms

Day 4 – March 11th

I met Kevin from Sweden on my second night in Tokyo. I had been in the common room, telling two Dutch girls I’d made friends with that I was planning on going to the Tokyo Sky Tree – even though it was super rainy out and the view might suck (my day of sightseeing had been kind of a bust and I wanted to be able to cross something off my list). Kevin overheard and asked if he could join me, so we walked there together (the Sky Tree also ended up being a bust as it was so rainy and overcast that the view from the top was nil).

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Stories from Tokyo: Arriving or “Flung Into Space”

Day 1 – March 8th

I had been planning for and working towards this trip to Asia for years. Therefore, the day before my flight to Tokyo I was a ball of excited nerves as I packed my 50 L knapsack (“Flounder”) full of the possessions I would carry on my back for the next 3-4 months.

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